What are we doing here?

We're making lemonade out of lemons & enjoying the SPARKLE in life - because you can't take the shimmer out of a shooting star!

I know you're looking for Sparkle & Hay... & my gosh do I wish you'd found it! Sadly, some mean computer hacker person/program has gotten into the site, and corrupted so much of the code, that it's going to be a long road back to recovery. I never wish badly upon anyone, but I do believe in karma...

That being said, instead of wallowing in un-sparkly misery, I've set up this little blogger site to keep the sparkly goodness going until we're back up & running.

I hope you'll still follow along with me, & enjoy a little bit of daily sparkle on the side!

p.s. click here for an update 7/1/2012 :(


  1. PLEASE HELP!! i found these striped napkins on lover.ly, they linked to your site, and it says "page not found":

    I have been looking for striped napkins for my wedding for over a year, and now my wedding is this september. I am desperate!!!! please please please help me find out where these napkins are from! thanks a bunch!

  2. Dear Linda,
    I think that the napkins in the image were rented from La Tavola Linens (http://linens.latavolalinen.com/) and that those are specifically from their Essex collection in Powder Blue. I hope that this is of some help to you,
    All the best, Vick.

  3. Hello! I was sent over here from Pinterest after clicking on a gorgeous "burlap and lace" wedding photo. It's exactly what I'm going for with our big day! Can you help me figure out where to find the wedding dress that was featured? I hope you're able to get your site back soon! Here's the link to the pic:


  4. Hello!
    I was looking for the instructions on how to do the framed first dance song!