Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Salted Chocolate

A long time mixer of salty & sweet (I have vivid memories of summers spend snacking by the pool stuffing handfuls of salty popcorn in my mouth & then taking a quick sip of lemonade to mix the 2 flavors... ok... vivid memories AND I still do it! But that's neither here nor there) I was super excited to try a taste of this salted dark chocolate. 

Sadly, my excitement turned to near instant disappointment after my first bite... it was NOT what I expected.  However, thanks to the resiliency of pregnancy cravings (dark chocolate, much?) over the course of the next few days I found myself going back for 1 more little square & then another & then another....  Then tonight as I ate my last little square it occurred to me - in its own sneaky little way I became hooked on the salty-sweet chocolatey goodness. 

I'll be running out to the store tomorrow to buy another bar, but I'm so hooked that this weekend I may even attempt a homemade variation of my own.

Thanks to The Londoner