Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Salted Chocolate

A long time mixer of salty & sweet (I have vivid memories of summers spend snacking by the pool stuffing handfuls of salty popcorn in my mouth & then taking a quick sip of lemonade to mix the 2 flavors... ok... vivid memories AND I still do it! But that's neither here nor there) I was super excited to try a taste of this salted dark chocolate. 

Sadly, my excitement turned to near instant disappointment after my first bite... it was NOT what I expected.  However, thanks to the resiliency of pregnancy cravings (dark chocolate, much?) over the course of the next few days I found myself going back for 1 more little square & then another & then another....  Then tonight as I ate my last little square it occurred to me - in its own sneaky little way I became hooked on the salty-sweet chocolatey goodness. 

I'll be running out to the store tomorrow to buy another bar, but I'm so hooked that this weekend I may even attempt a homemade variation of my own.

Thanks to The Londoner



  1. Hey Erin! I saw that Sparkle & Hay was back up and accessible again! When are you going to go back to posting?

  2. I've been slightly addicted to the combination of sea salt and caramel. Have you tried Talenti gelato? They have a sea salt and caramel flavor... insane deliciousness. <3

  3. Uhm yes please! This sounds amazing :) And yes, is the old blog going to be up soon?!

  4. that looks and sounds delicious! i wasn't a fan of sweet and salty chocolate/dessert until i tasted salted caramel macarons -- those are sooo good! :D

    <3, Mimi
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