Monday, March 12, 2012

Newsprint Art

I was watching an episode of Dear Genevieve a few weeks back & absolutely went crazy for some beautiful seaside-inspired hand drawn sketches on newsprint that she used in one *super* luck family's dining room make over. (Seriously, may have been my most favorite dining room I've ever seen).  Of course, they were custom made by a "friend of" hers, who is also an illustrator... translation = impossible to get or if possible, definitely out of my price range.  Happily; I was browsing around the home section of Shabby Apple this weekend & found these cuties which reminded me a bit of the ones on the show. (but at a much more palatable $22 each!)  Perhaps for a playroom? 

love, love, love.  All from Shabby Apple.

p.s. how adorable is this little munchkin in her pretty dress?!  Cannot wait until next summer!!! :)

Ruffle My Feathers

p.s. THIS was the episode, in case you're wondering. 


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  1. Those illustrations are so sweet, and that dress is DARLING!