Friday, March 30, 2012

Flip Flops

Are what I will be wearing ALL weekend long.  I had to fly twice for a business trip this past week, and while it was not a long flight, it was enough to make my feet puff up to at least 1 shoe size larger than usual.  (Note, the story/advice you get about your feet swelling while flying when pregnant is NOT an old wives tale, it is true!)  Despite my taking proper precautions & wearing stockings along with some well-worn low-heel business pumps (which I wear on a regular basis) by the time I had walked from the gate to my rental car my feet were so blistered & sore that I was practically hobbling.  So much so, that I had to stop at a store & purchase a new pair of shoes, neosporin, and band-aids.  So, to give my feet some much needed rest-time this weekend, I'll be sporting a simple pair of these.  (Which, I might add, I was especially excited to find this year because really, who can keep a pair of all white flip-flops clean through the summer?  This black & white combo is perfect!)

Now let's just hope that the New England weather cooperates with my plan!

Have a wonderful weekend all.  As for me, I'll just be over here tending to my poor toes!

p.s. If you've ever wondered how to make those pretty flowery J.Crew-esque flip-flops yourself (& not spend the $20+ that I always do at least 2x a year because I end up somehow ruining them after only 2 wears) you must check out this little make your own flowery flip flop tutorial over at I Heart Nap Time.


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